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Here you will find resources for Web Development & Programming, SharePoint & InfoPath Development and Search Engine Optimisation.  Resources have been hand selected by the team at Web-Resource.org, or suggested by users when one may have been missed. 

Web Parts listed in the Free SharePoint Web Parts provide a wide range of functionality which is not standard to SharePoint and the core Web Parts.  If you have developed, or know of  a Web Part that you would like to have it listed in the Free SharePoint Web Parts area, please send the details to support@webmasterhub.net.

New SharePoint Administration Resources have been added to the SharePoint Resources section, including information about managing web.config files on a SharePoint server and resources to help when troubleshooting issues with SharePoint.

SharePoint & InfoPath Resources

A range of tools and resources are provided by Web-Resource.org for Administering, Designing, Customising and Developing a SharePoint environment.  Resources include a range of articles with tips, how tos, tutorials, third party utilities for administering and developing SharePoint.  Tutorials are also available to help with InfoPath form development and integration with SharePoint.

Web Development & Programming Resources

The Web Development & Programming resources section contains useful tools and resources for developing websites and web applications, and using various programming languages to customise and integrate different systems and software.  Programming languages include PHP, Web Application Development, HTML, CSS, JavaScript,  ASP.NET, XML, VB, .NET Framework and more.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Resources

Increase traffic to your site by optimising for Search Engines.  Web-Resource.org provide a range of tips, tools and resources for getting started with optimising websites for Search Engines.